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  • Casque HiFi Stéréo M80 V MODA

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      • "Every genre of music and all of the videos we tested with the new Crossfades sounded pretty close to great right away... Worthy of a design premium... decidedly superior to similarly fashion forward products" - iLounge (Read the full V-MODA M-80 Review)
      • "M-80 is much more balanced, more articulate, more revealing, and I have a feeling it will find much love with a lot of the audiophile-type." - HEAD-FI, Jude (Founder) (Read the full review)
      • "I simply can't think of another headphone that does so much, so right. They look like a million bucks, they're built like a tank, the accessories are super tasty, the sound is among the best in class, and the ability to have custom graphics emblazoned on the shields puts the V-MODA Crossfade M-80/V-80 right over the top. I simply can't recommend them highly enough. I love these headphones. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!" -InnerFidelity Crossfade M-80/V-80 Review, Tyll Hertsens (View)
      • "winning raves from company founder Val Kolton's fellow DJs and other stylish children of the night both for their strong audio performance and their standing as fashion accessory" -Rolling Stone (View)
      • “One of most capable, revealing, and best-balanced on-ear headphones we’ve tested. It also exhibits the sort of European style and careful attention to construction details that will appeal to many listeners looking for substance, value, and a desirable measure of design “spice” - Playback AVGuide (View)
      • "M-80 has earned its way into the collective psyche of headphone audiophiles as one of the top choices for a portable headphone based on its sound quality alone. It's built as tough as a Vault, yet looks like the product of an Italian design house" - Head-Fi Founder, Jude
      • "I love these cans. I think it was Steve Guttenberg at RMAF who said "these are BLEEP done right." I couldn't agree more. If you've got a friend that's looking at BLEEP or BLEEP cans, steer them over to V-MODA. - Stereophile + InnerFidelity Editor, Tyll Hertsens (view)
      • "There are no extremes whatsoever when listening to the M-80′s. If you are looking for crisp balanced highs along with balanced deep lows you will find it with the M-80′s and that applies to just about every bitrate and music genre we have thrown at it." - Chip Chick (view)
      • "Try as I might, I can't find any significant faults with V-MODA's latest set of on-ear headphones, a pair of luxury cans that marry elegant style and high quality materials to superb sound" – CTV News (View)
      • "Superior sound built on a strong bass line crafted to enhance dance tunes and club mixes. But acoustic numbers are also treated well, even low bit-rate MP3s come to life when heard through these on-ear phones." – USA Today (View)
      • "After using the headphones for seconds, you can tell that the lightweight, high-fashioned headphones have incredible sound and comfort, producing life-like 3D sound with no distortion." - Miami Herald, Greg Ellman
      • "the B&W P5 might be preferred by the suit-and-tie, cosmopolitan gentlemen, but for other 99% of us V-MODA Crossfade M-80/V-80 is probably the way to go" -InnerFidelity Editor, Tyll Hertsens  (View)
      • "M-80 reigns supreme due to its combined attributes and qualities...  GAME CHANGERS in the area of supra-aural headphones." - Best Headphones Guide (View)
      • “Produces some of the clearest audio I’ve ever heard in this price range, superior to physically larger headphones in the $200 range” – Beatweek (View)
      • “If you like the look of these, you'll like the music the designers clearly like, and they'll be just right for you.” – Sound & Vision
      • "Oh. My. Goodness! These are my new favorite headphone... Killer looks; killer sound (good bass, too)" -InnerFidelity Headphone Guide, Tyll Hertsens Stereophile Editor (View
      • "Headphones from ____by____ and ____ are popular, but in the event of a wipeout V-MODA's Crossfade M-80 are what you'll want" -Outside Magazine (View)
      M-80 Audiophile Review Challenge We let over ten headphone affectionados try out the M-80 to get their true feedback and resposnes, is it one of the top on-ear headphones?  Read the review thread here... we feel the answer is a resounding YES!
      Audiophile Testimonials
      • "M-80 is an excellent music machine" - Dale Thorn (View)
      • "The M-80's seem to be able to handle almost any genre with ease." – Head-Fi, SemperMalum (View)
      • "As an overall - these headphones are a big A with just a stock source..." - Head-Fi,  raddogz (View)
      • "In general I think the M80 is an excellent entry in the portable headphone market. They are well built and definitely offer a full warm sounding headphone that will meet a lot of people’s musical tastes" - Head-Fi, dweaver (View)
      • " So, I would easily recommend these M-80s. To me, the sound signature is very full-bodied and smooth. It works well with a lot of different types of music. Additionally, the stage is nice too, open, airy, and 3-dimensional." - Head-Fi, Louis8ball (View)
      • "Here’s the thing, it is a whole package, clas A buld quality, very good sound, and the accessories, including the excellent exoskeleton case, it all sums up for a great portable." - Head-Fi, JamesMcProgger (View)
      • "I find the sound of this little headphone very interesting and it took me a few days to really wrap my head around it's sound signature. If I was to try and describe the M-80 in one word it would be smooth as in smooth as silk." - Head-Fi, DigitalFreak (View)
      • "...V-MODA really hit a bullseye in terms of the tonal balance with this can..." Head-Fi, recstar24 (View)
      Artists/Celebs Testimonials and Reviews
      • "Love the M-80/V-80! Especially the shape. V-MODA delivers again with perfect sound quality anywhere and even for DJing or in the studio. Very Happy!" - NERVO, DJ/Songwriter/Producer Artist Duo
      • "Explosive Sound, Essential Ergonomics!" - Dirty Vegas' Grammy-Award Winning Paul Harris
      • “Incredible value for hi-fi sound and sophisticated style that says as much about you as your shoes, watch or car.” - V-MODA Founder and DJ, Val Kolton
      - See more at: http://v-moda.com/crossfade-m-80-review#sthash.CGhpWKyw.dpuf

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