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  • Amplificateur HiFi Stéréo YAMAHA MusiCast 2x 85W Connecté RN303D

      79 990 XPF 79 990 XPF 79990.0 XPF

      79 990 XPF

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      Maximise Your Listening Pleasure

      Hi-Fi quality for all your music

      Make the Yamaha R-N303D Hi-Fi receiver the centerpiece of your audio system, and get streaming music services, music from your smart phone, network audio, and the music you listen to every day — and enjoy it even more, with superior, exceptionally musical sound. If you truly love music, this single device will open up new dimensions of listening enjoyment you never dreamed possible

      The R-N303D is compatible with a large variety of popular streaming services, including the widespread Spotify, the up-and-coming Tidal and Deezer services, as well as Napster®, Qobuz, Juke and others — letting you enjoy all your favourite artists, discover new ones, and get music content from all over the world.

      * Music service availability varies by region.                         Plus d'Infos Cliquez ICI

      Come into a new Hi-Fi life

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