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      Toast everything from paninis to bagels

      The toaster-grill offers you full versatility for toasting, warming and melting a variety of different foods, great for any time of the day. The slot can be adjusted between 10mm to 58mm and has different heat settings, providing you with the precision and accuracy to cook perfect crispy croissants, crunchy toast and delicious cooked paninis.

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      Perfect toasting every time

      With four dedicated toasting buttons, it’s even easier. The bagel setting only heats the front elements on a high temperature, so that the cut side of the bagel can be toasted; the Panini and croissant settings toast at a low temperature, for warming; whilst the toast setting is at a higher temperature. The Persona toaster-grill also features Kenwood’s Peek and View function, allowing you to monitor the progress of your bread or pastry without having to cancel the toasting cycle. Simply use the lever at the side and never worry about burnt toast again.

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